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Camelot is a long-only, value-oriented hedge fund which invests in public equities.

We aim for exponential value creation through a long-term outlook, taking advantage of rigorous analysis, holding a portfolio of the best companies in the world, and compounding interest over an extended period of time in order to generate incredible long-term returns.

We offer highly successful investment solutions and employ a funneling approach wherein we combine fundamentals-based computer algorithms with human input to maximize returns. Employing tools such as big data, detailed theses, financial modeling, and technical analysis, we have generated over twenty percent returns year-to-date, net of fees.

1. Algorithm

Our investment funnel begins with our pioneering machine learning system. Analyzing over 3,000 companies, it identifies the ones best positioned for future exponential growth based on historical fundamental indicators and outputs a set of opportunities for our investment team to carefully analyze.

2. Fundamental Analysis

Our team then prepares a detailed pitch going over each company’s financial position, growth prospects, and industry climate. This pitch is supplemented with in-depth financial models, including discounted cash flow and discounted dividend models. We then set a price target, and, following rigorous discussion predicated on our founding pillars of intellectual honesty and radical transparency, make an investment decision.

3. Technical Analysis

Should we decide to add a company to our portfolio, we monitor it using a variety of momentum and chart-based indicators in order to determine when it is available at the best possible price. When a great opportunity emerges, we buy the company’s stock, optimizing average buy price to ensure you receive the maximum potential upside.

4. Monitoring

Risk mitigation is an important element of our investing philosophy. We constantly monitor our holdings to ensure you enjoy consistent investment performance. While we don’t believe in timing the market, we do believe in risk mitigation, and adjust our holdings when necessary to minimize risk and maximize growth.